Hook Multi Timber La Port

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When you choose a hook bracket the most important feature of course should be the sturdy nature of the material and the ability of the hook to hold on well to even the most slip prone article -maybe silk scarves and the likes. Here is one that has five varied hooks all made of polyresin -round and solid in their placement as they have been placed on metal brackets that are further superimposed on MDF plaques fused into a beautiful design. Subtle colour usage, mixing of materials and textures and of course the undeniable shabby chic of this piece makes it a wonderful means to enhance the entryway of your home and of course its promise of keeping your home looking tidy is undeniable. The bracket has a height of 30.5 cm and its length is 66 cm while the prongs are 7 cm in depth. The mixing and contrasting of colours and background colours makes the look all the more interesting.

Product Dimensions: 66x7x30.5cm
Product Material: 80% MDF,10% tin, 10% poly resin

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