Shelf Wall Round Decorative

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It is a stunning in its simplicity. The round shelf is anchored to the wall, the bracket strong and ready to take on the weight not just of the wooden roundel which forms the base but also anything that you may wish to rest on it. This single shelf is round in shape and has been created from a disc of wood that sits firmly on the base that is made of metal. The antique look bracket on the wall contrasts beautifully with the wooden base on which you could place potted plants, a lamp books and any such thing that you desire to display. You could use several of these round shelves at different levels. The round base of the shelf is all of 17.5 cm in diameter and the total height of the bracket thus comes to all of 20 cm. can be placed on the wall with the help of two rivets whose slots have been provided in the iron bracket.

Product Dimensions: 17.5×17.5x20cm
Product Material: Metal/ wood

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